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1st Annual Disc Golf Tournament

Thanks to everyone who participated in our 1st Annual Charity Disc Golf Tournament!

We are incredibly grateful for your support in honor of a local teen living with NF2. 

The family (and the Odd Fellows) were overwhelmed by the turnout at the 2023 Disc Golf Tournament on Sunday, June 25, 2023.  The event was a major success with 58 participants (in year one!), great weather, and many monetary and in-kind prizes. 

Most importantly, Cedar Valley Lodge #233 is excited to announce a $4,700.00 donation will be made to NF2 BioSolutions in honor of the family!  We are truly humbled and honored to know local support for worthy causes is alive and well in the Cedar Valley.     

Because of supporters like you, we will continue our efforts to make a difference in The Cedar Valley.  Check our events page to keep informed about monthly Lodge dinners and future events.  If you are interested in membership, contact us! 

Together, we hope to continue the 200+ year-old tradition of the Odd Fellows – to improve the character of mankind and make our world a better place – through effort and action in support of our fellow brothers and sisters. 

In Friendship, Love and Truth,

Matt Miller and members of Cedar Valley Lodge #233

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